Showcasing ArtisticEquations by J.Larsen-Collinge

.......a visual dance of the spirit!



Born in Scotland, a citizen of both the USA & the UK, & past resident of Mexico, J.

currently resides in England and partly Spain, having spent time living in the USA, Mexico, 

Caribbean, & Europe. 

Best described as a 'Citizen of Confusion'. 

J. graduated from Glasgow University with a B.Sc. in pure mathematics, and a yearning to 

create unique 'artistic equations'. Initially via photography from the USA, travelling 

worldwide as an award winning photographer & art director/producer, J. is currently 

enjoying a favorite arena: expressing mathematical creativity in the exciting fields of contemporary painting.


Starting with a B.Sc. in pure mathematics, J. was ready to call on the artistic side.... 

Mainly self taught & inspired, but with very valuable input from some great artists: 

In Mexico J. studied oils with Bonnie Griffith(usa), & watercolors with Kelley Vandiver(usa). 

Also studying at the Belles Artes (Fine Arts)of San Miguel, & 

the famous Instituto of San Miguel de Allende, tutored by great artists from Chile & Mexico. 

All skills & colors were initially learned in Spanish! 

Now spending some of the winter in Southern Spain, with such vibrant surroundings and 


J. is inevitably drawn to the bold colors & lively temperature of Latin America and Southern 


With representational works in watercolor; geometric & expressionistic abstracts in oils, 

enjoy the ride!


 -  my focus is the inner core of a subject's abstractality

 - 'J. spills dynamic emotions, tumbling onto the canvas, leaving cryptic 

     inner visions' 

 - 'A loosening of conscious thought & control, leads to divine pathways of 


Life is always interesting. Watch this space .....


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